About Fat Daveys

Fat Davey


Hello, and welcome to Fat Davey's Cookies! I'm David (or "Davey"), the founder, baker, and person behind the cookies you're about to enjoy.

The baking and pastry sides of the food world have been a love of mine for over a decade now, and chocolate chip cookies were one of my favorite treats as a child - of course, Cookie Monster was also my favorite Sesame Street character.

Fat Davey's was born out of my personal interest in creating the best chocolate chip cookie possible. After filling out multiple notebooks with recipe ideas, testing, and straight up gibberish at times, I landed on three primary cookie dough bases that are versatile enough to go with almost any mix-ins.

Though my path initially led me away from the kitchen and into the world of technology, the allure of the kitchen never left me. Fat Davey's allows me to explore my creative and artistic side, and the satisfaction I get from being able to create something from raw materials into a bite that brings a smile on someone's face is unmatched.